As individual as you. Our pans.

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Always the right pan for every idea.

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Greetings from the Far East.
Just the right thing to satisfy the tastes of fans of Asian wok dishes: meat, fish and vegetables are prepared gently, and the special wok form makes it easy to stir-fry.

Vive la France.
It does not always have to be potato gratin. With special gratin, the serving pan for dishes prepared in the oven, making successful gratins is easy. The nonstick coating is particularly practical, making the chore of greasing the pan unnecessary.

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Hot BBQ chef.
The ideal substitute for a barbecue in the cold part of the year: special grill, the special pan with a grooved frying surface. For healthy, low-fat frying with a grill effect.

Always on a Friday.
Not just a must on a Friday for fish fans: the special fish serving pan. The special feature of this pan is its dimensions – it is oval and so large that whole fish fit into it.

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The single-person's pan.
Tailor-made for the single-person's kitchen or for when you feel a little hungry: special snack. Thanks to its nonstick coating it is particularly suitable for frying food lightly and gently.

Ideal for turning food.
Wafer-thin crêpes, fluffy omelets and spicy wraps require a lot of skill and the special crêpe pan. Its extremely low shape and the special nonstick coating make it really easy for you to turn your food.

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